Mercury Pendant


Planetary symbol: ☿
Astrological signs: ♊ (Gemini) and traditionally ♍ (Virgo)

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, has the shortest orbit (88 Earth days) and is the smallest planet in the Solar System. Like the Earth, it is a rocky planet and has a magnetosphere. Mercury is visible with the naked eye from Earth (although only briefly because of its solar proximity), and the earliest recorded observations of it date back to Assyrian astronomers in the 14th century bce.

In Greco-Roman mythology, Mercury (Greek name: Hermes), is the messenger god. Astrologically, Mercury represents the faculties of the brain, adaptability and communicability; people with erratic behavior or moods are also said to be mercurial in nature. Mercury is associated with Wednesday.

This pendant design is based on incomplete images from NASA's Mariner 10 mission in the 1970s. Now that NASA's Messenger probe has completed re-mapping the entire surface of Mercury, we are working on a revision to this design.  Which makes this one extremely limited-edition!

Dimensions: 1" x 1"
Sterling silver
Chain is included