Two new unique items! August 29 2015

While many of the products on the Edelstein Metalsmiths site are made for retailing multiples, studio head Joshua Edelstein also makes one-off products that are available for purchase on the site—custom products without a customer in mind. Two of those have gone online in August: The Two-Tone Heliconia Earrings and the Spotted Moss Agate Ring.

The heliconia earrings are done in 14k rose gold and 22k yellow gold to mimic the natural coloration of Heliconia rostrata, which is found all over Hawai‘i and the rest of the tropics.

The Spotted Moss Agate Ring is special to us because the stone has been part of Josh's collection since he was in high school, so it's exciting to finally see it in a piece of jewelry!