Ioannen 3:16 Rings added to the site May 19 2014

We're pleased to announce our newest design, the Ioannen 3:16 Rings!  "Ioannen" is Greek for "John," and as you might guess from that and the name of the rings, the bands are circumscribed with the original Koine Greek text of John 3:16.

The rings are available at various sizes in both silver and gold, and come in two styles—one with raised lettering and one with indented letters.  The raised letter band is a wide one at 7mm, because a border had to be added at the top and bottom of the design to protect the raised lettering.  The design with the indented letters has no border, and is slightly narrower at 6mm.

We're accepting orders at all sizes, but because we're still ramping up production on these items we have very low inventory and there may be a slightly longer wait than normal as we figure out which sizes are going to be the most common.