An Autumnal Explosion of New Pieces! November 14 2016

Lately we've been doing the Fall craft fair thing, and for the last few weeks I've been in the studio madly creating new inventory. Some things were snatched up immediately, others were lovingly held but not purchased for any number of reasons.  But the fair attendees' loss is your gain, as these new items are now available for purchase right here!


Join me here in the tropics with these beautiful Anthurium Earrings. Made of hammered sterling silver and Czech glass beads, they're sure to transport you to paradise.


Since we're in the tropics together now anyway, let's go for a swim among the corals and oysters to find these Blue Sponge Earrings. Pink cultured pearls and sterling beads perfectly accent the (non-endangered) coral centerpiece beads.

Live on the edge with these unusual and modern Periscope Earrings. A throwback to the Danish Modern and Arts and Crafts movements, the silver and garnet earrings are sure to get you noticed.

Speaking of getting you noticed, there's nothing out there like these Donut Stud Earrings, sideways positioned on posts, and set with 1.7 mm sapphires and rubies. These earrings are subtle yet powerful, and are great for casual and cocktail wear.


If you're a bangle person, here's a spangly one for you. Our 18-Stone Triangle Bracelet is fun, flashy and affordable.

Bold and beautiful, this Weeping Nazar cuff bracelet is a statement. The dendritic agate centerpiece is set in thick square stock silver wire, made less weighty via its open design.

Going back to the tropics for a moment, our lightweight beaded Deepsea Diver bracelet is made of beautifully variegated Paua shell beads and lustrous cultured black pearls. Dive in, the water's fine!

From the tropics to outer space, our Agate Nebula link bracelet will send you over the moon. Three giant pieces of bezel-set agate and a heavy hand-made sterling chain make up this gorgeous piece.


Just one new pendant in this post, but it's a doozy. The minimalist design of the Sterling Wand Pendant goes with everything from a tank top to the classic LBD. This silver monolith is set with four tiny CZs around the bottom tip of the pendant for that extra fire.


We'll start out with a pair of rings that are variations on a theme. Our 8-Stone and 12-Stone triangular rings look like the classic riveted rings you may have seen, but with extra sparkle, an unusual shank shape and alternating positioning on the two outside ring faces.

Last but certainly not least, we have this gorgeous Moonstone Ring with a sideways-set cabochon in a thick bezel, set in a widely split shank. Moonstone represents balance and introspection, which we can all use these days.


Wells 28 September 10 2015

We've just added Wells 28, a silver pin with a science fiction origin to the site! This is another handmade original, and there's only the one in stock. Click the link to read the story that spawned it!

Green Ombre Earrings September 04 2015

We've just added an exciting new product—the Green Ombré Earrings! These elegant earrings greated a green fade with two different colors of jadeite beads and a malachite bead on each earring. Be sure to check them out!

Two new unique items! August 29 2015

While many of the products on the Edelstein Metalsmiths site are made for retailing multiples, studio head Joshua Edelstein also makes one-off products that are available for purchase on the site—custom products without a customer in mind. Two of those have gone online in August: The Two-Tone Heliconia Earrings and the Spotted Moss Agate Ring.

The heliconia earrings are done in 14k rose gold and 22k yellow gold to mimic the natural coloration of Heliconia rostrata, which is found all over Hawai‘i and the rest of the tropics.

The Spotted Moss Agate Ring is special to us because the stone has been part of Josh's collection since he was in high school, so it's exciting to finally see it in a piece of jewelry!

Ioannen 3:16 Rings added to the site May 19 2014

We're pleased to announce our newest design, the Ioannen 3:16 Rings!  "Ioannen" is Greek for "John," and as you might guess from that and the name of the rings, the bands are circumscribed with the original Koine Greek text of John 3:16.

The rings are available at various sizes in both silver and gold, and come in two styles—one with raised lettering and one with indented letters.  The raised letter band is a wide one at 7mm, because a border had to be added at the top and bottom of the design to protect the raised lettering.  The design with the indented letters has no border, and is slightly narrower at 6mm.

We're accepting orders at all sizes, but because we're still ramping up production on these items we have very low inventory and there may be a slightly longer wait than normal as we figure out which sizes are going to be the most common.

We're on Pinterest! May 18 2014

That's right, Edelstein Metalsmiths is officially on Pinterest.  We've offered the ability to pin our items for a while now, but have only recently started doing it ourselves.  Right now we've got three boards up, although they're all sparsely populated at the time of this writing.  Naturally, we're pinning all of our products from this site, but we're also pinning custom work that we've done on our sister site, Edelstein Edelsteine.  And lastly, we're starting to pin things that inspire us--everything from art to architecture to nature to other jewelry.  So follow us at to stay abreast of what we're up to, and it might just help us to understand what inspires you, too!

Hawai‘i Jewelers Association May 18 2014

We're pleased to announce that in late April, Edelstein Metalsmiths was accepted into the Hawai‘i Jewelers Association! It's an honor to be in the company of so many amazing jewelers, suppliers and other industry types.  The honor is made even greater because we are the first non-bricks-and-mortar company ever added to the HJA membership—the Board actually had to vote to change their bylaws in order to accept us as a member, a vote for which we're extremely grateful!

Gold "Prosperity" Pendant Available in Time for Chinese New Year! December 29 2013

The Gregorian/secular new year is in a few days, which means that Chinese New Year is right around the corner!  The Year of the Horse begins on January 31.  Traditionally gifts of money or other indications of prosperity are exchanged, and we have the perfect new year's gift!

Brand new on the site is our "Pouring Prosperity" pendant, done in 14k yellow gold and red glass enamel.  The character on the pendant is shown upside-down, in the tradition of hoping that placing it that way will pour blessings down upon the recipient.

Order now and we can get it out in time for Chinese New Year.  Whether for yourself or as a gift, this is the perfect item to put inside your red envelope!

Temari Fair on November 3! October 19 2013

Ever want to see the merchandise in person before you buy it, but are frustrated that we don't have a storefront?  On Sunday November 3, you'll have your chance!  Edelstein Metalsmiths will be participating in the Temari Center's 32nd annual Trash & Treasure Fair at the Japanese Cultural Center on Beretania.  The fair is open to the public from 9am to 2pm; more details can be found on the Temari website.  Come by and say hello!

Welcome to the new site! September 29 2013

Aloha ladies and gentlemen!  Welcome to the new site design.  We've done a much-needed upgrade that will hopefully make it easier to find what you're looking, and the site was built with responsive design so that your browsing and shopping experience will be easier at any screen size, even on mobile devices!  The redesign also marks our move to a less expensive web hosting service, which allows us to keep our prices constant despite the rapidly rising precious metals market.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to highlight a few new designs.  In September we introduced two new sets of demi-hoop style earrings, our Olive Branch Demis and our Plumeria Demis.  We also finished a one-of-a-kind ring that won't be reproduced (and can't be resized), our beautiful gold and citrine Cobblestone Ring.  Lastly, we've created a unique Star of David that combines 22-karat yellow gold, garnets and fractal mathematics into the precious Koch Star pendant.

Take a look around, and mahalo very much for visiting.